Bio Bubble Animal Habitats

This product was designed concurrently with Al Venezia, president of Bio Bubble pets. Al's uncanny ability to conceptualize his vision in his head was critical. We would sit in front the computer while he would explain his design to me, and I would proceed to model the product in CAD. For further information on this product, please visit

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The Bx NEEDLEs cut tissue specimens BLINDLY,,, from off to ONE SIDE... .. This newly patented FORWARD CUTTING bx NEEDLE gets better quality [straight on] specimens with better tactile "feel" and safety.. No over-insertion injuries.. .. A new, complete MEDICAL percutaneous "NEEDLE biopsy system" for simple, safe, full-core, TRUE "end-cut" specimens from percutaneous soft tissue biopsy. .. A biopsy NEEDLE having an internal, retro-grade, stainless steel, one piece, TORSION-live-hinge, tissue cutting door for more controlled positioning and placement of the Bx NEEDLE and with an easy, safe, simple "in-out" specimen recovery with NO complex secondary operator actions required. Simple "in-out" bx the most


This design was created a few years ago. The customer was working on computer that could be carried out on the field. The enclosure had be water proof, and be able to withstand shock from a 6 foot height. The computer was powered by rechargeable D-cell batteries, and it included a stylus.

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